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The Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways organization was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1991 for the purposes of not only preserving but improving the quality and safety of our various and delicate fresh waterways.  This need continues as our environment changes, our population grows, and many more people discover the numerous benefits of our freshwater lakes and canals.


The corporation has one class of membership designated as general members. Any person/household shall become a member upon payment of a $20 annual membership fee. If you share our interests in protecting our fresh waterways and keeping them clean and available for a multitude of activities, you are encouraged to join. There will be one scheduled general membership meeting each year. 

Membership fees may be paid at the annual general membership meeting or by sending a $20 check to:  OSFWC, PO Box 1592, Ocean Shores, WA 98569, Attn: Treasurer.  Please include your street address as well as an email address.

Board Members

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the general membership.  Current members include: 
  • Bruce Malloy, President (Position 1)
  • Grant Shaffer, Vice President (Pos. 2)
  • Phyllis Brown, Treasurer (Pos. 3)
  • Lisa Malloy, Secretary (Pos. 4)
  • Max Everett (Pos. 5)
  • John Pike (Pos. 6)
  • Sally Mapile (Pos. 7)
  • Bob Pfau (Pos. 8)
  • Molly Williams (Pos. 9)
  • Richard Wills (Pos.10)

Corporation vs. Advisory Board

From time to time, a question arises regarding the function and purpose of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Advisory Board vs. the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corporation (OSFWC).   Like, what's the difference? 

The Fresh Waterways Advisory Board was established in the city by Ordinance in 2011.  The mission of the board is defined as “to act in an advisory capacity to the city council, the mayor and professional staff of the public works and police departments in the areas of fresh waterways administration and maintenance.”  

Board members also volunteer for waterways maintenance and improvement efforts.  The board consists of five members who are appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council.  No member receives compensation for his/her services. (See Chapter 2.61 of the Municipal Code.)  Board members can also be, and many are, members of the OSFWC.  

The Fresh Waterways Corporation (OSFWC) predates the Advisory Board by several years.  It was incorporated in 1991 as a non-profit “for the purpose of taking all legal action to improve the quality of fresh waterways in Ocean Shores”.  The corporation received 501(C)3 status in 1996.  

It is an all-volunteer, non-partisan organization and engages in no direct campaign activity, but does apprise citizens of important facts and informs city, county, and state representatives on matters relevant to the preservation and enhancement of our fresh waterways.  The corporation has one class of members designated as general members. Any person is entitled to be a member upon payment of a membership fee. These fees are used to pay the expenses of licensing and maintaining the organization’s boats, equipment, etc.  General members elect nine trustees to serve on a board of directors who serve without compensation.  Over many years, board and general members have been, and continue to be, involved with many activities that include education, fishery enhancement, communication, recreation, and aquatic weed eradication.