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2015 Archives

2015 Annual Meeting

OSFWC 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes Summary

Following membership registration, the meeting was called to order by President Lee Schuster with the Pledge of Allegiance at 10:20 AM.  Lee thanked Julie Mercer for assisting during registration.

Lee in order – 
1)  Introduced current board members and their project responsibilities
2)  Introduced presenters and guests:  Presenters - Doug Dorling of NW Aquatic Eco-Systems, city consultant regarding aquatic weeds, and chemical treatment.  And, Steve Caromile and Kenny Behen, Fish and Wildlife biologists who are most familiar with our system fish population.  Guests -  Mayor Dingler, Councilman Gordon Broadbent (no other council members present), Angelo Bruscas, North Coast News, Mayoral Candidate Susan Conniry, and Council Candidate position 2, Holly Plackett.  

The 2014 annual meeting minutes were approved by voice vote.

Lois Schuster, Secretary/Treasurer reported a current bank account balance of $3098.57.  

Lee then reported on 2015 Activities: Maintained the North End Grand Canal Park, Assisted with boat and operator on the removal of six hazardous trees in the Wm C Marr Fishhook Canal, Assisted with posting of Canal Name Signs, Assisted with boat and operator on Weatherwax Tree Plant, Wrote Education/Communication articles and published membership email notifications, Maintained Website resulting in about 130 visits per day with visitors viewing 190 pages, Had a representative on Shoreline Protection Council, Took the lead on water quality survey/sampling, Made two appearances before Council regarding waterway matters, Board members Assisted in Notice Posting for Chemical Treatment, Had several members participate in two fish plants and Youth Fishing Derby, and Made a proposal to the Advisory Board regarding ideas for going forward with activities that have increased flexibility with respect to state agencies.   Hopeful that will have positive results following a Council resolution that defines procedures and intent.

Next Lee explained upcoming Corporation changes - At a special meeting held September 2, after confirming by motion that the corporation should continue serving this community, it was moved and seconded that … rather than monthly meetings the President and/or the Vice President should call meetings as needed throughout the year.  (Rhoades/Everett)  In addition it was moved and seconded that the Corporation pursue getting a minimum of at least two OSFWC members on the Fresh Waterways Advisory Board in an attempt to have better communication and cooperation between the two groups.  (Buff/Rhoades)   The votes on both of these motions were unanimous.  Lee then clarified the Advisory Board mission and origination and explained the thinking behind the changes.

Under New Business Board Members were elected for Positions 1, 2, and 3. Max Everett was re-elected to Position 1.  Sally Mapile was elected to Position 2 replacing Gene Gratzer who chose to decline re-election.  Member John Pike was elected to Position 3 replacing Lee Schuster would chose to decline re-election. Lee then reminded members present that Lois Schuster, currently holding position 4, had stated at last year’s meeting that she would serve for one more year only and now wishes to step down.  He stated, she will do the minutes of this meeting and step down following.  Lois was a board appointment and position 4 will be up for re-election next year.  There were no responses to calls for nominations.  This position will be filled temporarily by the members of the board and the holder re-elected at next year’s meeting.  Attendees were encouraged by Lee to consider serving their community via the waterways corporation.  

Under Comments for the Good of the Order - - Member Mark Swanson spoke from the floor thanking Doug Dorling and NW Aqautic Eco-Systems for their consistent and voluntary monetary contributions to the Youth Fishing Derby.  He also thanked others in the room for their support.  Also, Lee reminded members of the change in booklet requirements that serve as a permit for waterfront property owners to remove aquatic vegetation.  Steve Caromile, F&W fish biologist, clarified in response to a question that a hard copy had to be present at the site.      

There being no other business to conduct, Lee invited a motion to adjourn.  Such motion made by Grant Shaffer, seconded by Buff, and approved by the membership.

October Regular Meeting

The first regular meeting of the board was held October 8. Items of public interest included: 

1)  Vice President Shaffer, acting as Chair, and who is also a member of the city's Fresh Waterways Advisory Board, has asked the city to lease the corporation work-boats on designated work-party dates. The city would then absorb the related cost of insurance and pay registration fees. 

2)   Corporation meetings will no longer be held monthly, but only when called for by the president, except that there will be a minimum of two annually. A General Membership Meeting will be held once a year. 

3)   Bob Rhoades stated that the waterway needs are not being addressed good enough by the city and suggested ways to improve that. D. Money raising ideas were discussed with the understanding that all funds would be used for waterway maintenance. 

4)  New officers for the 2015-2016 year were elected as follows: 
         President - Bruce Malloy, 
         Vice President - Grant Shaffer, 
         Secretary/Treasurer - Sally Mapile. 

5)  Current projects and project heads were named: 
         Long Range Planning - Bob Rhoades, 
         Fisheries - John Buff, 
         Water Monitoring - Bill Seaton, 
         Shoreline Master Planning Liaison - Dan Bricker

2015 Chemical Treatment Planned

Herbicide Treatment Business and Residential Notice Distribution Date: 7-04-15 Various canals and waterway within the associated canal system maybe treated with aquat-ic herbicide(s)l on /or between August 12 through August 30 and again during September 5 through September 15 to control aquatic weed growth. No applications will be applied during the weekend, holiday or on a Friday of any given week. All canals and water-ways are not targeted. Product(s) planned for use: Diquat, Imazamox, Imazapyr and 2,4-D . Location of Treatment(s): Various canals within the Duck Lake water system. Plants/Algae Targeted: Pondweeds, elodea, native milfoil, coontail, parrotfeather, duck-weed and other associated free floating species that may produce recreational problems. The applicator will post signs in the treated and potentially affected areas no more than 48 hours prior to treatment. The signs will describe any water use restrictions or advisories. If you are withdrawing water for potable or domestic water use, livestock watering, or irrigation, and have no alternate water source, please contact the applicator Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems at 360-357-3285 or pondweeds@comcast.net to arrange an alternate water supply. If you would like to request additional notification prior to treatment, or have further questions, please contact me using the information above. This herbicide treatment is regulated under a permit issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Permit No. WAG 994141

Derby a success... again!