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2008-2014 Archives

2008 Archives

October 3 Board Meeting

The board met on October 3rd, 2008 and discussed various priority objectives for the 2008 & 2009 year. One major project is the need to get the weed harvester finished and operational for the spring of next year. 

Over the years, invasive noxious weeds grew to choke our waterways. Brazilian Elodea was the primary culprit. It was sold as an oxygenator plant for aquariums and may have gotten into the system via someone dumping theirs into the system. The weeds became so dense that in some areas it was impossible to navigate, and so numerous that the grass carp could not mitigate the growth. 

Beginning in May, 2007, the City of Ocean Shores began a $380,000 application of herbicides designed to clear the waterways. This treatment was chosen because the noxious weed growth had gotten so dense. The herbicides used are known as diquat and fluridone. There has been a dramatic transformation and the canals are now clear of vegetative mats. Duck Lake has cleared more slowly, having been treated by the slower acting fluridone. Several locations have now received a second treatment in 2008 as planned.

The 2007 Paddle Ocean Shores event was a great success!

Volunteers and city employees collect trout from a hatchery and plant them in the waterways. March 2008

A hearty "thank you" to a resident who donated a pontoon craft to the group, even if well-used. When rehabilitated and modified, it will serve as work platform from which to remove snags, overhanging branches, etc.

Youth Fishing Derby a Success!

Over 100 youth participated in the August 2nd fishing derby. Fishing was slow on the lake, but the trout pond sponsored by IGA and set up by Trout Unlimited compensated for the slow lake action. Along with many local boaters and helpers who volunteered their time and boats to take the children out, the event was sponsored by the following organizations - IGA, ACE Hardware, Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways, KOSW-LP 91.3 FM, Foss Construction, Grays Harbor Plumbing, Breach Realty, Bank of the Pacific, B&P Construction, and Anchor Bank. Thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors who made the event possible. A special thanks to IGA management and staff for the pond and lunch, and to ACE for the tackle and prizes.

Membership Meeting - November 2008

The meeting was called to order at 10:05am by President Bob Rhoades. Major Dean Bunker lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Current Board members present were Bob Rhoades, President, Carol Rhoades, Treasurer, Lee Schuster, Grant Shaffer, Ernie Nelson and Don McConnaughey. Bob read the minutes of the November 11, 2007 annual meeting which were approved as read by members present. Carol Rhoades gave the treasurer report as $630.99 balance in the Grass Carp fund and $$2,372.92 in the general fund. It was moved and seconded to approve the treasurer report as reported. Bob then announced that three board member positions were up for re-election : Al Gamble, Don McConnaughey and Lee Schuster. Bob asked each to state whether they would like to run for re-election. Al Gamble had submitted his request to be re-elected to the board by written documentation in his absence. This was read to the members by Bob Rhoades. Don McConnaughey stated to the members that he would like to continue his position on the Board. Lee Schuster announced that he did not want to be re-elected to the board as he felt having new members join the board was a good policy. Bob Rhoades then asked if there was any member present who would like to be considered for the open board position. Jerry Mergler stated he would like to serve on the Board to help maintain and improve our waterways. Bob then asked for a vote from the members present for re-election of Al Gamble and Don McConnaughey and election of Jerry Mergler. A motion was made to elect the three to the Board and the motion was approved by a unanimous vote of those present. The meeting was then adjourned at 10:25am.

Paddle The Shores 2008

Cardboard Boat Race

2009 Archives

Board of Trustees Special Meeting Feb. 26, '09


A special board meeting of the Trustees of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corporation was called to order at 4:00 p.m. on February 26, 2009, in the law offices of Michael Valdez by the President of the Corporation, Bob Rhoades. Board members, Tom, Ernie, Al and Mike were also present. Guests Ken Lanfear and Bill Vanden Bush were also present.

Ken Lanfear gave a report regarding the status of City projects of interest to our Corporation. He stated that permits for culvert fill by the Ocean Shores IGA had been issued. The City plans on planting grass carp in the fresh waterways on April 1, 2009. The City has asked Fish and Wildlife for a permit authorizing the planting of 7,500 grass carp. The City has also asked for permits to plant a substantial number more of the large twenty pound trout. The City is fixing the pilings on the Tonquin and Mt. Olympus bridges so that the City can remove the speed reduction limits over those bridges. Ken said that he is going to need volunteer help from our members with the planting of the grass carp, he also needs our assistance in monitoring the fresh waterways for increased growth of vegetation.

Ken stated that the Storm Water Utility owns the fresh waterways so the City’s ability to settle that law suit will effect its ability to continue the herbicide program. If the City is able to continue the herbicide program then the continued use of our harvester is going to be counter productive because the harvester is like a lawnmower. When the lawnmower cuts grass it tells the lawn to grow more, plus the harvester leaves particles of the weeds in the lake which causes more weed growth. However, if the City is unable to continue its herbicide program and the weed infestation returns to its status before this most recent herbicide program was initiated then the continued use of our harvester will be beneficial in that it will provide some method of attacking the week growth.

Ken encouraged the Board to advise waterfront residents to pull weeds that they see starting to grow. This would go a long way towards remedying the weed growth problem. He has approximately 200 of the Department of Ecology booklets that resident’s need to pick up from Public Works before they start pulling weeds. These booklets are also the permits that the property owners need to have in their possession before they can legally start pulling up lake vegetation. The Board was excited about a potential partnership between the City and our Corporation regarding the construction of a dock at the extreme north end of the grand canal. Ken said that he would certainly support such a project. It would give all waterway users the ability to dock their boats at that location and have walking access to the heart of Ocean Shores. The first step is to measure the depths in the area where the dock would be built and then talk to the State authorities to determine the dimensions of the dock that the State would approve in that location. Bob and Tom will measure those depths this weekend.

Ken will talk to the Counsel about the City’s ability to require property owners to put their addresses on their docks.

A general discussion ensued with Bill Vanden Bush regarding progress on the joint NBCTV and Fresh Waterways Corporation production. Mike Valdez will research his records to develop the history portion of the film production which will be the first step on this venture. We need to schedule filming dates.

There being no further business to come before the meeting it was adjourned at 5:45 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, MICHAEL A. VALDEZ Secretary

New Project

YES, the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corporation is still alive and well and busy with new projects. We are currently working to build a dock at the north end of the Grand canal. The dock will be kayak/canoe friendly as well as have tie-ups for power boats. We will be looking for volunteers to help construct the dock, so give us a call if you would be interested in working on this or any of our projects. We are also working with the local TV station to support a monthly program that would help keep our citizens informed about the state of our waterways.

Funds to maintain and operate our work boats come from your dues and donations. We are accepting memberships for 2009 (see application below). Thank you for supporting our efforts to maintain and improve our beautiful waterway system. Please mail the application to OSFWC PO Box 1592 Ocean Shores, Wa. 98569 or call Bob Rhoades at 289-5199 or Tom Kimzey at 289-0487.



OCEAN SHORES FRESH WATERWAYS CORPORATION VOLUNTEER & MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 2009 DUES - $15.00 NAME:_______________________________________________________ ADDRESS:____________________________________________________ CITY: ________________________________________ ZIP: _________________ PHONE:___________EMAIL_______________(Receive OSFWC Emails Yes__ No __)

2nd Annual Youth Fishing derby

A BIG success for the second straight year! Your Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways organization was a big monetary and volunteer contributor once again.

Ocean Shores Mayor Dean Bunkers and helpers ready to clean fish! (Those guys are eating hot dogs provided by Ocean Shores IGA.)


Ocean Shores Pirates!

Coast Guard Fly-by!

A happy angler!

Awards for all.

2014 Archives

Annual Meeting September 13, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM at the Ocean Shores Lion’s Club Building, 832 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW, by President Lee Schuster. 

Current Board Members present were Lee Schuster, Al Gamble, Max Everett, Grant Shaffer, John Buff, Bill Seaton, Gene Gratzer, and Lois Schuster, Secretary-Treasurer. Board Member Bob Rhoades was absent due to family matters. The meeting was started with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

President Lee Schuster advised that the order of business would be reversed, with guest presentations coming first due to special needs of some of the presenters to leave for other engagements. The business meeting would come after all presentations. 

President Lee Schuster then introduced invited guests - Mayor Dingler; Angelo Bruscas, Editor of Northcoast News; (introduced upon his arrival) Doug Dorling, Northwest Eco-Systems; Fish and Wildlife biologists Steve Caromile, Ken Behen, and Curt Holt (recognized after arrival by Caromile); and Tom Kimsey, Advisory Board President. Guest who were invited to attend, but could not, were identified as Steve Franks, Satsop Springs hatchery; and Lee Bunnell, Coastal Bass Club. 

President Schuster also introduced the Board Members as follows: Max Everett, Position 1 – Provider of Cookies; Gene Gratzer, Position 2 – Canal Park Project Manager; Lee Schuster, Position 3; Lois Schuster, Position 4 – Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Rhoades, Position 5 – Historian; Grant Shaffer, Position 6 – Boat Project Manager; Bill Seaton, Position 7 – Water Sampling Project Manager; John Buff, Position 8- Fishery Project Manager; Al Gamble, Position 9 – Retiring. 

Lee then opened the public meeting at 10:25 AM 

Doug Dorling, Head Aquatic Biologist, Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems, presented maps and other information regarding the system and method he is using with his current survey of aquatic weeds. He explained that the system and method is far superior to past systems and will facilitate detailed tracking of aquatic weed populations over time. That is, with the new method and equipment it will be possible to measure the effect of treatment and control. 

Steve Caromile, Fish Biologist, Warm Water Program, and Kenny Behen, Fish Biologist, State Department of Fish & Wildlife, presented information with regard to their survey of fish found in Duck Lake. A report of their findings will be available following their follow-up sampling in a few weeks. In summary, their data shows a severe increase in the Perch population, and decreases in the Largemouth, Bluegill, and Black Crappie populations.  Fish of most species are of smaller size than what was found in prior surveys, and smaller generally than what is considered average for a given age. 

Tom Kimsey and Ernie Nelson presented information regarding the work of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Advisory Board. Their presentation covered the fundraising activities ‘Name the Canal’, and waterfront address signs. Information was also provided regarding removal of trees, aquatic weeds, and the possibility of muck removal. Their presentation marked the end of the public meeting 

At the conclusion of the public meeting, Lee opened the Business Meeting of the Ocean Shores Fresh Waterways Corporation (OSFWC). Guests and attendees were invited to stay for the meeting. President Schuster presented Minutes of Annual Meeting held September 14, 2013. After discussion, Bob Howe moved to approve the Minutes, and Tom Kimzey seconded the motion. A vote to accept the Minutes was unanimous. 

Treasurer Lois Schuster reported that the balance of the OSFWC checking account is $2,659.77, and there are no outstanding bills. 

Lee reported that there were two open problems identified at the 2013 meeting that had been solved:

1)  There was a need to find storage for boxes of old files of the OSFWC. Grant Shaffer worked with the North Beach Singers who agreed to allow OSFWC to store the boxes of files in their storage space. Grant Shaffer will have access to the files any time they are needed. 

2)  Mayor Dingler has agreed that the OSFWC could store two workboats in the City’s Public Works yard. Access to the boats must be during the hours of business of the Public Works facility. 

New Business – Election of Officers --- Position No. 4, Secretary-Treasurer, was vacated by Al Lizakowski because he is a Snow Bird and spends the winter down south. That position was filled by Lois Schuster in November, 2013 and was approved by the Board of Directors. The appointment must be approved by the general membership. A vote was taken and the appointment was approved unanimously. Position No. 7 was up for re-election. Bill Seaton wished to retain his seat on the Board. Position No. 8 was up for re-election. John Buff wished to retain his seat on the Board. Position No. 9 – Al Gamble wished to retire after 16 years of service on the Board. Dan Bricker had agreed to be a candidate to fill that position. (To accommodate Al’s need to serve at the PAWS facility, Lee had earlier recognized Al for his service which included stints as Secretary, President, Project Manager for the Grass Carp Plant, etc. He received a rousing round of applause as he left for the PAWS facility.) Lee asked if anyone wished to self-nominate or nominate someone else for any of these three positions? Hearing no other nominations, President Schuster called for a voice vote to accept Bill Seaton, John Buff and Dan Bricker for these positions. The vote was unanimous. 

There being no further business to come before the Board, Lois Schuster moved to close the meeting, and Max Everett seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Folks who participated in the Name The Canal auctions are seeing the outcome of their bids!

The first of its kind. Ever.

2015 Lunker Trout Plant in March